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Our aim:

Lurcher Link is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to try and save Lurchers' lives by liaising between rescues, stray pounds and members of the public.

Many Lurchers are destroyed each week because the stray pounds are full and their local rescues have no room for any more dogs. Yet in other parts of the country, people are looking for Lurchers to rehome.

We wish to rectify this situation by being a point of contact for all rescues, the public and stray centres.


  Todd and Daisy

How is this accomplished

Basically by word of mouth - we have an on-line forum which features dogs needing homes and homes offered and we try to match people with dogs - like an on-line dating agency for Lurchers!

Please check out the dogs currently needing homes Dogs needing homes
 All rescues are welcome to contact us and register the details of their Lurchers needing homes and potential adopters can read the dogs' descriptions, look at the photos and, if they are interested, find out more about that particular dog. We try to provide facilities for home checks, transport and advice if needed.

We are also creating a Happy Endings page for dogs rehomed through Lurcher Link

Erin pup

We also have

a Forum for people to let off steam, have a laugh, moan or tell us about their dogs' latest exploits in the Chat section (registration needed):

an On-line shop which sells a range of goods with the Lurcher Link logo and a donation is given to Lurcher Link from each purchase:

a Lost and Found forum which is connected with Lurcher Search, Lost Dogs UK, PetSearch and Dog Lost:

a Frequently Asked Questions section for people who need reassurance that Lurchers are the dog for them :

a list of Rescues which normally have Lurchers up for rehoming:

an Urgent Appeals section for anyone who desperately needs help with rehoming or transporting dogs:

a list of Lurcher Shows around the country:

and a great bunch of supporters who are proud of their Lurchers and want to tell the world!

So if you are a Lurcher lover come along and join us at www.lurcherlink.org

Our Patrons:

Mick Cawston - wildlife artist and Lurcher owner
Mick Cawston photo
Manda Scott photo Manda Scott - author, veterinary surgeon and Lurcher owner
Otis Ferry - countryside campaigner, Master of Foxhounds and Lurcher owner
Otis Ferry photo

Bandit and Daisy